Veggie Mama & Ruby's Rockets

Over the weekend, I bought some amazing products that I want to share with you.
Veggie Mama & Ruby's Rockets.

I saw Veggie Mama on Shark Tank and noticed Ruby's Rockets while shopping at Central Market looking for Veggie Mama.

According to Veggie Mama she has one goal in mind: to offer more opportunities for families to enjoy veggies. Awesome! Me too. Truth is, most people aren't getting even half the amount of vegetables their bodies demand. Of course, simply eating more vegetables is easier said than done. Most kids would rather sit at the dinner table all night than take a bite of spinach by itself.
Realizing there had to be a better way, Veggie Mama set out to find healthy, all natural snacks that could supplement her children's missing nutrients and more importantly, get them excited about eating vegetables. Me too!
So unless you are making snackybaby's Homemade Pops all the time, the world offers very few real veggie snacks. I found a whole lot of dried out veggies that are fortified with synthetic nutrients, or snacks that include only trace amounts of the green stuff. Luckily, I found Veggie Mama! Her Garden Pops and Jam give my family more opportunities to enjoy veggies more effectively. The result is not only more nutrients, but a greater enthusiasm for veggies.

Veggie Mama also carries Garden Jam! I ordered these two garden jams Here 
Finally, veggie jams without all the refined sugar. Hallelujah! Thank you Veggie Mama!

Sweet Potato Peach:

Grandma's famous peach cobbler and added a vitamin-A rich veggie, sweet potato! Just a pinch of cinnamon and the perfect amount of sweetness. Your morning toast, or PB&J have never been so nutritious and low in sugar-just 1g per serving!

Favorite use: Does magic on a piece of salmon, and my son loves it on his sandwiches!

Raspberry Beet: 

You can't beet this combination! Beets and raspberries not only offer tremendous health benefits with their rich antioxidants, they also taste amazing mixed together and spread on just about anything. Best of all Raspberry Beet Garden Jam is sugar free, so you won't have to rob your taste buds of this full-flavored goodness!

Favorite use: sprouted on wheat toast or my favorite Ezekiel bread with both almond butter and Raspberry Beet Garden Jam!

Ruby's Rockets have soared and landed in our household for good! Why?

Ruby's Rocket products are:
  • All Natural
  • Healthy 
  • No Sugar Added
  • No Artificial Colors or Flavors
  • Fat Free (Galaxy Green flavor is low-fat)
  • Dairy Free
  • GMO  Free
  • Gluten Free
  • HFCS Free
  • Vegan
  • No eggs
  • No Fillers or Stabilizers
  • Less than 35 Calories per Pop 
  • Less than 2 Grams of Sugar per Pop!

Looking for organic ingredients?  Over 70% of their ingredients come to them from organic growers.
Ruby’s Rockets are healthy, with natural flavors and added probiotics for digestive and immune support.* They're the first pop of this kind to offer probiotics.
The only colors you see in their pops are the beautiful colors of the fruits and vegetables themselves:  the kiwis, spinach and avocados in Galaxy Green, the strawberries, carrots  and beets in Rock-It Red, and the yams, oranges and carrots in Orbit Orange.

And check the calorie counts:
ROCK- IT RED– Only 2 grams of sugar and 25 calories! 
GALAXY GREEN– Only 1 gram of sugar an 35 calories!
ORBIT ORANGE– Only grams of sugar and 25 calories!

Ice pops do have plenty of water so they’ll help keep your kids hydrated year-round. They are on a mission to change the world one pop at a time, because Ruby’s Rockets make vegetables “cool” and your kids will love the amazing, delicious flavors.  The more they eat, the more they’re eating healthy.  So when they ask if they can have another, say “YES!”
Thank you Ruby's Rockets!


Sergio said...

This is great info! I had no idea how good these products are for Vincent and he loves them!

Sergio said...

Thank you for such a great review on what is a picky eater approved veggie snack. Vincent loves them!