Through his eyes

His arms now reach my hands as we walk and with those arms, he gives me the most lovable hugs in the morning. You know, as life moves us in every direction, I've learned that I can't help but slow down and really live in the moment. And now that I'm expecting our second baby, I really live a little slower. And it's so great. 

I've had some time to myself as my son attends his little school three days a week all while my wonderful husband supports us three. He does give himself some boating time with the guys and after-work networking events. Which I think equals out our "me time" together. 

So when I stop and pay attention to the world through my son's eyes, it looks much brighter. He doesn't have to worry about paying bills, work and the stresses adults have to deal with every day and letting go of that for a while has been a relief. I watch him dance and wave his arms in the air when I put music on, I watch and listen to him try to pronounce words several times even if it's over and over, I watch him use his blanket to sooth himself to sleep and every time we go to his school or somewhere new, I look for the sparkle in his eyes and hands clap with delight. I memorize the moment instead, freezing the picture in my mind, and beam back at him, my smile mirroring his.

Seeing the world through his eyes is the reward for any rainy, blue days I've ever had, and it all seems worth it to get to right now.




Katie said...

Being a mom is awesome. I couldn't imagine life any other way :)

sara.odom said...

So true Katie, hugs!