The Picky Eater Workshop 

The most interesting cognitive development while feeding a toddler is to remember that they are 'food neophobics.' 

Ha! Basically, toddlers don't like new foods or have a fear of newer foods. As do any human. Right? Toddlers are used to consistent foods they have seen, tried, liked and know what to expect from, the last time they tasted a particular food. Hence, they are learning and exerting their independence.  

What I learned:
1. Establish that you won't try to make them eat. Learn to teach/safe appropriate ways to try new foods (tasting vs. eating)
2. Avoid becoming a "Short Order Cook" which I have to admit I became one real quick!
This removes the chance that unaccepted food will ever become familiar. It can take up 10 more exposures before a child will TRY a new food.
3. EXPOSURE is key! Practice makes better!

Tips under some fine motor skills:
-small bowls for finger foods.
-make sure child's feet are grounded for core support

6 things to remember:
1. Be a good role model 
2. Decide when to serve
3. Establish balance
4. Offer something that you know your child will eat
5. Don't freak out if they throw the food on the floor if tantrum is struck
6. Instead tell them what you want them do with the food instead the floor.
Ex. "If you don't like that, just put it to the side okay, thank you"

I  was given some superb recipes to try! Let me put them to the test first and share 'em with you real soon!

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