Love Votives for Valentine's Day

For our MakeItMonday, we made our own Valentine's Day votives. We used materials that were already in the house. I knew those saved recycled jars would come in handy some day. This project is fun and it's cheap. It kind of reminds me of paper mache. Remember those? These votives make a great festive center piece and a nice gift. Let's share the love.

All you need:
-recycled glass jars (we used washed out coconut oil jars)
-colored tissue paper
-liquid starch
-craft brushes
-recommend a towel over newspaper
-container to hold your liquid starch
-tea light candles

We began by laying a towel across our work area. Liquid starch is a liquid. It's runny and messy. A towel works best.

We took white tissue paper and tore it into small squares. The kids will get a kick out of this step. 3 inch squares or so work fine. 

I had them lay a piece of tissue paper across the jar. Then they dipped their brushes in the liquid starch and painted it on the paper. You will have to make sure they don't use too much liquid starch. Otherwise your papers will get too soggy.

While the jars were still wet, we took shades of red and pink tissue paper and cut out small and larger size hearts. You can add the hearts directly to the top of the first wet white layer. It will help them adhere. If necessary, paint a little more liquid starch onto the hearts.

Allow them to dry. Takes less than 15 minutes and add your tea lights.

The result is charming, don't you think?

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