Choose My Plate

In 2011, the USDA announced that the Food Guide Pyramid was a thing of the past, and that the ChooseMyPlate is the new nutrition education icon of today!  
So why the switch?
  • A lot of nutrition educators said that the food guide pyramid was misleading and hard to understand
  • American's are bombarded with nutrition information and it is hard to sort through it all, but it is easy to look at our kid's plates
  • Brings us back to the basics: Fruit, Veggies, Grains, Proteins and Dairy
  • Quick simple reminder to be more mindful of the foods we are eating
This week, SNACKYBABY challenges you to eat like ChooseMyPlate suggests.  
You will be amazed at the increase of fruits and vegetables in your diet and in return, the energy and improved health you feel! 
There are lots of meal ideas for you to help you as you begin this challenge. 
Click here to see all the MyPlate meal ideas

Feeding our kids healthy food doesn't need to be complicated. A few simple rules, summarized from the most recent dietary guidelines is a fast and easy pattern to follow. 
The latest 2010 dietary guidelines include:

  • Balancing Calories: Eat less and avoid over sized portions
  • Making half your plate fruits and vegetables! (2-3 cups per day combined)
  • Switch to low-fat or fat free dairy. (2-21/2 cups per day)
  • Reduce high sodium foods.
  • Drink water instead of sugary drinks
SNACKYBABY healthy tip: From my last post, make hydrating fruit pops for these Hot August days!

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