5 Ways We Naturally Boost our Children's Immune System

About five years ago, we started getting more into natural remedies and healthy living. We encourage everyone to practice a few ways to healthy living. 

When we did start using natural cleaning supplies, natural remedies and eating better, there has been a noticeable change to our family's health. It starts with us as parents. One of the best examples of this is our kids get sick much less than before. And when they do fall ill, they bounce back pretty quickly. 

We have found that it's very helpful to boost our children's immunity as much as we can no matter what the season brings. Here are some simple ways that can be applied even if you don't have a lot of experience in "natural living" that can make a big difference in your family's health!

1. Washing Your Hands

Yes we've all heard this before but time and time again this has proven to the single best way to stop the spread of germs. Whether your kids go to school or not, they pick up all sorts of nonsense everywhere they go. We do too!
After we get home from anywhere, I immediately send my two kids straight to the sink to scrub with warm water and soap for 30 seconds. Then gently scrub under their nails before rinsing the germs down the drain. Make it fun! Sing a song and shake your booty!

Need an on-the-go solution? Try this Simple DIY Hand Sanitizer made with essential oils. I found this great recipe and will make this spray as soon as our essential oils arrive!

2. Take Elderberry syrup

Elderberry has been used for centuries for prevention and treatment of colds and flu symptoms. It's a highly effective preventative tool, loaded with antioxidants, Vitamin C and immune boosting minerals. This is the brand we are currently using. You can also make your own. I simply like to purchase the syrup for it's convenience. Store it in the refrigerator. We give our two and four year old children a 1/2 tsp after breakfast. We call it our "super juice!

 3. Incorporate Whole Foods Into Every Meal

Sometimes we don't have control over what our children are eating, especially if us parents' are out of town but I have noticed a difference in our kids' health as we have been intentional about serving them foods that contain real nutrients. 
Whole, real foods, those that are not processed and are plant based, give our body the nutrition it craves, raising our natural immunity to invaders.

Here are a few items we have swapped or
 added to our family's lifestyle to incorporate 
more whole foods over the years:

  • Swapping sugary cereals for oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, as well as eggs. Yes once and a while they will eat cocoa rice krispies but a brand with better ingredients.
  • Swapping chips for popcorn and or veggies at snack times. For example, carrots and hummus, sweet potato fries, and cold cucumbers with vinegar and sea salt. 
  • Spreading avocado on our toast instead of butter or cream cheese.
  • Swapping flavored yogurt for plain Greek yogurt with raw honey, fresh fruit, granola or muesli and chia seeds.
  • Cutting down on sweets and eating fruit instead. Frozen yogurt Magic Wands are a teething baby's favorite. We do have desserts from time to time, but I try to make organic fruit popsicles or buy organic fruit popsicles made with 90 % fruit juice. I'll make homemade whip cream for our fruit pizzas instead of buying the fake frosted cream cheese frosting stuff or cool whip.
  • My kids love fruit snacks, so we'll buy Annie's Homegrown brand. We treat them as a treat instead of a snack. They have added sugar but it's organic cane sugar which is just sugar. It's organic, so it wasn't grown using pesticides. Sugar is sugar and I try to limit it as much as possible. They feed on viruses. The reason why other fruit snacks are so cheap is because they use almost zero fruit and it's mostly gelatin. Gross.

But what about if your kids are still picky eaters? What about the times it's hard to get in all the fruits and veggies they need everyday? The answer to that question is in my next suggestion. 

4. Make Green Smoothies part of a Morning Routine or Ritual

To make for a smoother, time saving morning, I will have the smoothie bags ready to go to blend right away. 

Your kids will love em when offered consistently.

Green Smoothie 
1 cup of greens (we prefer spinach) 
2 cups of frozen fruit (we like frozen or fresh pineapple and 1 frozen banana)
1 frozen cube of plain Greek yogurt (freeze yogurt in an ice cube tray)
1 tsp of flaxmeal
1 cup of orange juice (not from concentrate) or water

Blend spinach and liquid first.
Then add fruit and the rest of the ingredients.
Blend and enjoy!

For you parents, have you tried a Smoothie Bowl? 

Optional: add a variety of fruits, nuts, good quality granola, raw honey and unsweetened shredded coconut. Delicious!

5. Be Intentional about Rest

This can be difficult at times, especially as our kids get older, to get them to bed on time. It seems as though we do more running around and have more events that go later. As our days are brighter in the Summer, we commit to at least 4 out of the 7 days to be of quality rest. This includes naps and early bed times. Getting kids to bed early actually helps them to sleep longer, when they stay up later than necessary it upsets their circadian rhythm (hence why we sometimes get hyper, overtired kids if we let them stay up past their bedtimes). Rest truly allows our body to protect itself.

Certainly, our children will still get sick sometimes. It's part of life. But by boosting their immunity in natural ways, we are not only nourishing their bodies but also teaching them to make healthy choices for themselves when they get older. Our kids also bounce back much quicker when their immunity is strong, making a much easier time, no matter the season for parents and children.


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