A Mindful Holiday

We traveled over the holidays to see our family in El Paso. The days were slower, meals were productions, and family surrounded them. I feel incredible grateful for the time and experiences we share all the time but when you mix in kids, family, nature, food, traveling, weather, and holidays for two weeks it equals growth, mindfulness and new experiences.

Here's what happened...

Came first was fulfilling wishes from handwritten letters from young kids in Juarez, Mexico. In these precious letters read wishes to Jesus. Together we made them come true.

The Franklin Mountains

They are so beautiful. Just as I remembered them growing up in El Paso. 

Singing Christmas carols while drinking hot cocoa in 60 degree weather in Mesilla, New Mexico was nice. Last year it was 20 degrees. We froze our buns off. The warm energy that early evening kept our voices clear and spirits high.
Leaving Mesilla to savor a delicious Christmas Eve dinner back at home with your ugliest sweater on created our ritual. 

Wait hitting a donky pinata before dinner (except getting hit in the head with donky pieces) was everyone's favorite. The pinata was our break for laughter. 

Though the ultimate, is watching our kids' face on Christmas morning. 

"The joy of the giving spirit, the extended meals during the day, the warmth escalating from the fireplace and the days surrounded with family helped me feel a sense of mindfulness."

What is mindfulness? 
Mindfulness is a way to be aware of yourself and what's going on around you. Join Aetna in trying to educate on mindfulness.
Relationships matter, let mindfulness guide you. Remember your presence, feelings, awareness, and choices with them.

As you know, West Texas had some serious December storms. Mother nature gave the mountain region a foot of snow. Way more than expected. This led us to morph into kids and fly down hills on the golf course. It made our trip to Winter Park in Ruidoso, New Mexico the next day that much prettier.
The smell of firewood, corn, pizza and listening to families yell of fun, the huge grins beaming off your kids' faces and you feel all warm and cozy because you remembered to put toe warmers in your boots...yeah it was a really fine day. Freezing temperatures never felt so beautiful. We all tubed down chute 4 and ate elotes (Mexican corn). If you've never experienced an elote, you will love it.

Celebrating our daughter's 2nd birthday at Chucky Cheese was cooler than expected. I didn't care for Chucky Cheese in the past. But when you visit with your own kids and recognize the happiness that takes place, it's worth it. The pizza is pretty good and they have a decent salad bar. The parties are fun and our birthday girl had a blast. She was so happy.

Adding to my mindful holiday were the blessed daily cups of freshly squeezed orange juice, the quite walks on the golf course, listening to our son play the guitar, catching some good flicks, and dancing the night away on an unforgettable New Year's Eve.

Happy New Year!

Let's make 2016 a year of mindful experiences

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