22 Ways To Ask Your Kids "So How Was School Today?" {Without Asking them "So How Was School Today?"}

Ah the beginning of a new school year. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all my friends and family post their kids' first or back to school pics on Facebook. Noticing growth in everyone's child, proud parents and happy motivating spirits on their way, blazing their path... 

My babes are in a part-time pre school and last week was bittersweet for all of us. 

Humbly, I get to home school their first part of the week. This means no real structure and slower days. We cook breakfast, I watch them play outside as I sip my coffee, we read books, do crafts, go to parks, pools, museums, have picnics, play music, dance like crazy, ride bikes, play games, all kinds of stuff...together! 

At the end of the week they attend school. This means, a little more structure, group learning, creative play, outside play, enjoy Music Together™ from Heartsong Music, social lunches, naps...all with their friends!

The bittersweet feeling I mentioned earlier was the separation we were all experiencing once school started the following week with new teachers and classrooms, which to me, meant they are officially getting older but to them there was change. They cried a little at first but were greeted with welcoming loving teachers and friends. As I drove home, I cried. As I worked at home, I cried. As I talked to my husband, I cried. I missed them a lot that day. It was weird. Emotional hormones? Maybe. In the end I got through the day knowing their hearts were happy. 

Upon pickup time I sometimes found myself asking them "so how was school today?" Gah how boring of a question and so vague, right?  I got to thinking of some of the questions I ask my three year old as we lie together before bed. The three simple engaging questions I ask come from Eyes on here for those three questions. Ps. these questions can open all kinds of awesome secrets your child probably wouldn't mention otherwise.

I understand keeping the lines of communication with my kids as they age will be different every year. And some days they may not want to answer my questions. I guess we all want to find ways to keep lines of communication with our children open...

I know the questions aren't perfect. I realize that you need to gauge when the right time to talk to your children is (and right after they get home may not be the right time) and everyday may be too often. Not all answers will be engaging or lead to conversations...

...but some of them will... and that is why I do it...and will keep doing it... 

These 22 great questions come from Simple Simon and Company

1. What was the best thing that happened at school today? 

2. Tell me something that made you laugh today.

3. If you could choose who would you like to sit next to in class. Who would you not want to sit next to in class?

4. Where is the coolest place at the school?

5. Tell me a weird word that you heard today {Or weird word that someone said}.

6. If I called your teacher tonight what would she tell me about you.

7. How did you help somebody today?

8. How did somebody help you today?

9. Tell me one thing that you learned today.

10. When were you the happiest today?

11. Was there a time when you felt bored today?

12. If an alien spaceship came to your class and beamed up someone who would you want them to take?

13. Who would like to play with at recess that you've never played with before.

14. Tell me something good that happened today.

15. What word did your teacher say most today?

16. What do you think you should do/learn more of at school?

17.  What do you think you should do/learn less of at school?

18. Who in you class do you think you could be nicer to?

19. Where do you play the most at recess?

20. Who is the funniest person in your class? Why is he/she funny?

21. What was your favorite part of lunch?

22. If you got to be the teacher tomorrow what would you do?

Hope you find these questions helpful during your journey. What are some of the questions you ask?

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