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Are you finding that if you don't make your kid's snacks or can't find that nice nutrient dense snack without it being full of enriched flours, sugar and kid loving marketing material crap? Well if you are, please let me introduce you to Green Plate Foods. CEO-Lisa Pounds has done an amazing job making nutrient dense snacks and delivering them to our local stores, hospitals, schools and even resorts. AND they're affordable.

As busy moms, we want to feed our children healthy, go-to-snacks that are fun, exciting, yummy and full of nutrients instead of empty calories.  I experiment baking muffins with fruit and veggies only to find that some turn out super yummy but sometimes a batch of muffins will only come out tasting like the vegetable. Huge fail. Then I'm the only one eating the muffin. Complete fail.  Personally, I find never-ending missions to find healthy, clean foods that are tasty and usually cost a small fortune. Until now...

Green Plate Foods have been providing healthy lunches to some of Houston's pickiest eaters at private schools, plus catering events and home delivery. Green Plate Foods is now 100% focused on making and distributing popular meals and snacks through retail and wholesale channels. You can find Green Plate Foods at HEB, Whole Foods and My Fit Foods. 
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Check out these SPECIAL SNACKS: 

*sweetened by fruits and made with 5 simple ingredients


Perfect two bite sized guiltless treat that is perfect for any part of the day. Every bite you are hit with a decadent cherry and chocolate flavor.

A snack for the tart lovers. Made with gluten free certified old rolled oats it is a great snack for the morning and offers a balance of carbohydrates and sugars for athletes.

Blueberry + pistachio have never been so happy together since they were made into Fruit Nubblers! It is the perfect balance of sweet from the blueberries + spice from the pistachios.


Go bananas for their banana chocolate chip muffins! Bananas and butter squash puree makes this extremely moist and nutrient dense while your chocolate loving taste buds get satisfied at the same time.

When you bite into their Almond Butter muffin you bite into a little piece of heaven. It has the perfect balance of light + fluffy and rich in flavor. They are loaded with pureed sweet potatoes to reduce the amount of oils + fats and to increase that savory moist texture everyone wants.

You can finally have your cake and eat it, too with their super brownie! In it is a special blend of spinach + blueberry puree to cram in as much nutrients into a chocolate lovers treat.

Thank you Green Plate Foods for making such wholesome nutrient dense snacks!

Have you tried them? Let me know what you think?

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