The Witching Hour

Moms, have you experienced what's called the 'witching hour' ?? When it's around 5:00 or 6:00 in the evening and your kids are hungry and you and or husband are coming home from work and your kitchen is prepped for dinner and EVERYONE is saying "I'm hungry" or "I want a snack" or "When's dinner ready" or "I need to poop" and the baby is crying...

Here are 2 ways to help ease the anxiety:

1. Meal Planning

Meal planning is spending 5-10 minutes at the beginning of the week. It can also mean no more 5:30 "what's for dinner?" 

A crucial step in meal planning is shopping for the food. I always found myself just winging it. Now, I make our week's dinner menus and grocery list at the same time. I was ALWAYS forgetting an ingredient or two for a recipe. Also nice for the chef at home, is having 2 cook-free nights. During the week, we'll jazz up some leftovers and on Fridays or Saturdays order in our favorite Vietnamese or pizza from the local restaurants.

I'm old-school with my meal planning and still prefer paper over apps. I love to use Pinterest for inspiration but find myself working a lot faster from using my grocery lists, menus and recipes on paper. This template from dietitian, Sally Kuzemchak also known as the #1 Snacktivist over at Real Mom Nutrition is great for meal planning. I shop at two sometimes three different stores for food and toilet trees (usually HEB, but Costco and Sprouts sell great stuff) so this template works really well. I also like having the week's dinners right on my grocery list so I can be sure I've got everything I need.

To view or print a copy of Real Mom Nutrition meal planning template, click Here
2. Have Snacks & Entertainment Ready

It's the end of the day and kids are tired. Do your kids want entertainment and food all at the same time? If so, change them in some comfy clothes and offer them their own personal set of headphones. (found some at Walmart for $17)

Also fun, is to have a tray or plate of some light very few, (quick to prepare) fun healthy snacks. But early enough in the evening because you still may want your kids to eat dinner. On days my kids go to school, they LOVE coming home to see what's on the table.

Here are some suggestions:

  • popcorn I make popcorn early in the week (for easy stove-top recipe click here
  • fun shaped cheese I use a star-shaped cookie cutter
  • carrot sticks, sliced cherry tomatoes my hubby likes them
  • dried fruit for appeal purposes, I put dried cranberries in a fun glass or mini cup 
  • strawberry aliens super easy tutorial from Weelicous (click here)

What are some of the ways you tackle 
The Witching Hour?

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