Snackybaby Mommy Friends

When I first found out I was expecting a baby, my husband and I along with some close friends planned a trip to Vail, Colorado. But before our trip, some of the friends who were going on the trip with us gathered for the Super Bowl. Because none of my girlfriends were drinking any alcohol at the time, it was in that moment, all four of us discovered we were expecting our first baby. Together!  So this made our trip to Vail one unforgettable experience! We skied, ate good food, and had a blissful time at the spa. Such a great memory.

In July that Summer, we all decided to go camping. Fun time, if you're in water by day, but extremely HOT at night. Yuck. I think were all about 6 months in. Do-able? Yes, but not pregnant. Don't recommend it.

But here's the CRAZY part, all of us are expecting our second baby this year! What?! Yes, all four of us! Due dates are Nov, Dec, Jan & March babies. Couldn't be more excited. And no, none of this was ever planned. Freaky.

The little I knew about having a baby the first time, the more I allowed myself to enjoy and endure this amazing experience, with three of my best friends. So my knowledge, comfort level and happiness during pregnancy has grown tremendously. We share our ah-ha moments, laughs and bellies. Thank you friends for this journey we share and shall never forget. Here's to you!


Round 1
 Round 2

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